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20.01.2013 What is the preorder ?

First of all the preorder is opportunity to give the demand to us to order goods which you ...

10.12.2011 What advantages at your production ?

Getting knife products in our shop, you receive a number of advantages:

1. Low cost ...

28.11.2011 You provide what guarantees ?

First, it is necessary to answer a question at once: "For what the knife is necessary to ...

25.11.2011 Whether permission for knife purchase is required ?

All models of knifes passed examination in EKTs Ministry of Internal Affairs Russian ...

22.11.2011 What should be a sharpening corner at a knife ?

The corner of sharpening of a knife depends on its mission:

the smallest corner of ...

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Wood - Wenge

Wenge - a type of the African tropical trees from the sort Millettia, families Bean. Grows wenge in the tropical jungle of the Western Africa, up to Zayr, in the territory of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania and Mozambique. Wenge - heavy, firm wood steady against pressure. Has good resilience to fungi and insects. Color of mature wood - from golden-brown to dark brown with black streaks. The structure large, very decorative is characterized by a rough structure. A time contains a lot of the mineral and oily substances complicating processing, including a covering is delicious, therefore for wenge the voshcheniye is recommended. Wood wenge is processed rather easily, and well polished. The average density of 890 kg/m cubic possesses high resistance to blow and a bend. It is used wenge where it is required to maintain the raised loadings: registration of ladders, apparatuses, furniture. Often wenge it is applied to manufacturing of a type-setting or art parquet of the first-rate quality. Also it is used for manufacturing of handles of knifes.

How to make a handle independently, it is possible to look in the section: Handle manufacturing

Bar length: 100 - 110 mm.
Bar width: 45 - 50 mm.
Bar thickness: 25 -30 mm.

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    • Author: Федор Гусев
    • Date: 2013-09-15 21:23:22
    Я получил заказ , товар соответствует описанию . Я очень доволен качеством товара и скоростью исполнения заказа .Спасибо .
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