Wood - Lacewood
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Lacewood - the name of wood of trees of the sort Cardwiella sublimis, Proteynye's family. Grows lacewood in Australia. Sometimes it call "a snake tree" for a scaly pattern on a wood cut. Color lacewood - red-brown or pinkish, tends to darken with age. Heart-shaped beams large also are well visible. The structure beautiful, granular, is defined by heart-shaped beams which form the appreciable unusual drawing reminding a snakeskin. Lacewood strong wood, well gives in to processing by tools, polishing and gluing together, the average density makes 580 kg/m cubic. It is applied lacewood to manufacturing of furniture, an interline interval, a parquet, facing panels, various decorative art products, and so for manufacturing of handles of knifes.

How to make a handle independently, it is possible to look in the section: Handle manufacturing

Bar length: 100 - 110 mm.
Bar width: 45 - 50 mm.
Bar thickness: 25 -30 mm.

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