Wood - Bubinga
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Bubing - the name of wood of trees of the sort Guibourtia tessmanni, Tsezalpiniyevye's family. Grows a bubing in the Equatorial Africa: from southeast Nigeria, through Cameroon and Gabon to areas of Congo. Color of a bubing - the main background from red-brown to violet-red and from dark red to violet. On the general background irregular more dark strips (mainly dark brown), creating unique drawing are allocated. Bubing wood of firm and quite dense, 760 kg/m having average density cubic, is rather easily processed, well is polished and sticks together. It is applied a bubing to production of furniture, a parquet, facing panels, for manufacturing of harps and other musical instruments (bass guitars, drums). As bubing with success it is applied to production of handles of knifes.

How to make a handle independently, it is possible to look in the section: Handle.....

Bar length: 100 - 110 mm.
Bar width: 45 - 50 mm.
Bar thickness: 25 - 30 mm.

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