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It is necessary to tell that today it is very inconcrete, indistinct and very extensive question. The market offers rather wide choice of forms, designs, design of knifes that often it nonpluses the buyer. But we will try to formulate and give you a little the general useful (very much for it we hope) councils and recommendations. The given advice will concern, certainly, not professionals (professionals and so know about knifes everything, and even it it is a little more), and ordinary fans, or, say, at all than fans, and those someone decided to get a good qualitative knife for itself(himself) or as a gift to someone. The best way to make a right choice – to understand, for what tasks the knife will be used. Thus, the first (and, probably, main) a question which you should answer upon knife purchase:« what we to them will cut and how is frequent»? Each knife has the mission. Therefore the knifes intended for cutting of meat, vegetables etc., don't recommend the cabin of large and firm bones, wood, the cabin of metal subjects (nails, steel prutok, etc.), blade bending on big corners (such it is capable to sustain only damask steel or Damascus), opening of canned food, knife use as mount, a jack, screw-drivers, a hammer, a chisel, an axe, a poker (believe, these all specialized tools were thought out by mankind not simply so, and for performance of certain works!) . Also, such knifes aren't suitable for a throwing (there are the knifes specially for this purpose intended). It can lead to loss of a sharpness and damages of a blade, a handle, decorative elements. Thus, the main mission of a knife – to CUT. It is sometimes convenient to them to puncture something, отковырять, but no more. Respectively, from a knife we expect good cutting properties (ease реза, a sharpness, «that long it was not rebated»), durability and elasticity. And if you like to boast before friends and nevertheless – TIME … and to split a nail from one blow, order an individual knife in the master – it will pick up to you necessary steel and will make special sharpening of a blade, and then … cut to itself for health everything! Having answered the first question:« for what purposes the knife» is necessary to me, it is necessary to solve (probably, having consulted to the person in the slightest degree understanding this question) – «what knife in the best way will be suitable me for these purposes». That is we pass to a solution of the problem of functionality (a form and design type), qualities, conveniences, ergonomics, design.

1. A knife design - a defining factor of reliability and a knife practicality. A knife design to a static blade happen two types: all-metal and vsadny. The all-metal knife is a continuous piece of iron in the form of a knife with a handle, to which from two parties slips are riveted (a tree, plastic, etc.) Such design of a knife is certainly the strongest, but has some restrictions in a form and makes heavier a knife as a whole. Design type it when the shaft of a blade is thrust by Vsadna in a handle and fixed in it in any way. This type is less practical than all-metal, but thus has the advantages. At a choice of a vsadny design of a knife it is necessary to pay special attention on a metal (a forward part of a handle), it is desirable that the blade was drowned in a metal on 4-6 mm., to avoid knife breakage in the shaft basis (it is the most widespread reason of breakage of a knife).

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