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Blade Hunter  (steel Х12МФ)

    • Blade Hunter  (steel Х12МФ)

Blade for a knife the "Hunter" made of  Х12МФ steel has a classical form of the Bowie or bowie knife type with the wide concave linzovidny descents, forming thin, perfectly cutting an edge. A blade with thickness of a butt 2,0 - 4,0 mm. has the high-grade plane that gives to a blade additional durability. On a butt of a blade it is executed bevel the "pike", approaching остриё to the line of application of force at a prick. An excellent choice for those someone wants to make independently a qualitative and convenient knife in work of a classical form, for hunting, fishing or a backpacking.

Steel brand: Х12МФ
Hardness of a blade: 59 - 62 units of HRC
Length of a blade: 130 - 150 mm.
Width of a blade: 35 - 40 mm.
Thickness of a blade: 2,0- 4,0 mm.
Length of a shaft: 35 - 40 mm.

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